Marine haulers from NorthLift make hauling pots and nets effortless and safe. The NorthLift range consist of three types of haulers; the electric series, hydraulic series and the manual. The electric series consists of two 12V and one 24V line haulers and two net haulers. All for the non-professional fishermen. Innovative solutions combined with user friendly design results in haulers that are powerful, quick to mount, foldable and easy to store. Everything to make hauling nets and pots an effortless and enjoyable experience for the leisure fisherman.

The hydraulic series consist of two line haulers for the semi-professional fishermen. Robust design combined with durable materials and smart functions makes hauling effortless. NorthLift is balancing every aspect of long lasting marine equipment by using only highest quality marine grade materials. Anodized aluminium combined with 316L stainless steel and industrial strength nylon makes our marine haulers into work horses which endure all riggers of operating at sea. The development is an ongoing process and we are always looking for new solutions and better designs that make hauling effortless and safe.