Here are some of the more frequent questions we recieve from people interested in our haulers:

Q: How does the haulers cope with the harsh environment at sea?
A: All materials used have particulary been choosen since they are able to withstand rust, corrosion, water and dirt. We take pride in producing haulers that will last a long time.

Q: Which is the most suitable cable size between the battery and the receptacle?
A: We recommend to use a 16mm2 cable for 5m cable, 25mm2 for 8m cable and 35mm2 for 15m cable. This is the largest possible size and will give the greatest power output to the hauler. Using anything smaller then the recommended sizes might cause a slight power loss.

Q: What kind of fuse should be used?
A: All electric haulers have an integrated automatic bimetal fuse. This fuse will shut the motor down when in danger of overheating and will recover after a few minutes when the motor has cooled down.

Q: Which is the best way to power the hauler?
A: We encourage the usage of a separate battery for the hauler alone since then there will be no risk of power loss. The separate battery can be connected to the boats main battery which will result in it being charged.

Q: How do I fasten the hauler to the boat?
A: Boats rarely look the same so this is a tough question to answer since it is almost always individual. The most important thing is that the Twin Mount Bracket is fastened tightly and if needed, with the use of a reinforcement plate underneath. The load might at times be heavy which means stability is key.

Q: I have a hauler of an older version, can I upgrade it with components released with the newer versions?
A: Some parts like the forward/revers switch, fuse and arm can easily be implemented while other features will require more serious changes to the frame of the hauler.