NorthLift AB

Kontorsvagen 6
453 41 Lysekil
+46 523 64 22 10

The NorthLift series of haulers is the outcome of many years’ development and discussions with Scandinavian creel fishermen. The objective was to build user-friendly, light yet powerful electric haulers and hydraulic haulers for the professional fishermen and leisure fishermen. Marine haulers which would not require vast alterations of the boat but instead because of the size of the haulers would fit in nicely. The development is an ongoing process and we are always looking for new solutions and better designs that make hauling effortless and safe.

The electric series has seen some improvements with more powerful new generation motors as well as a press-arm to make them completely automatic and an ejector knife for ejecting the line, making sure it does not get stuck.

The hydraulic series are compact yet powerful haulers with a robust but slim design. Easy to fit on the boat and does not take much space. They are made of durable marine grade materials, aluminum and stainless steel to be able to withstand wear and tear.